Hotel Booking from eSewa ( Discounts and Offers )

AdminAug 19, 2023

Esewa has swiftly become the leading digital payment platform in Nepal, with its interactive app interface facilitating financial transactions with unparalleled ease. Whether it’s utility payments, fund transfers, mobile recharges, or more importantly, hotel room bookings, Esewa has proven to be efficient and trustworthy.

Overview of Esewa as a digital payment platform

As an evolving digital payment platform, Esewa is committed to making financial transactions seamless for its users. Offering services range from funds transfer to mobile top-up, Esewa offers users a wide variety of transaction options. A vital part of this digital application is its hotel booking service which provides a user-friendly and efficient transaction process.

The Esewa hotel booking service encompasses hotels around the country and also international locations. It focuses on providing users with an array of choices, coupled with secure transactions to ensure a convenient experience.

Benefits of using Esewa for hotel room bookings

There are an array of advantages aligned with using Esewa for hotel room bookings.

User Friendliness: The platform provides a simplistic and interactive user interface. This feature allows users, even those who aren’t technologically deft, to navigate through the application and book rooms without hassle.

Variety: Esewa provides a wide range of options that cater to different budgets and preferences. Luxury hotels or budget lodges, there’s something for everyone.

Security: The platform prioritizes transactional security, offering secure digital payments ensuring your financial information stays protected during every booking process.

Frequent Offers: Additionally, Esewa often delights its users with promotional offers on room bookings which can lead to substantial savings.

Indeed Esewa’s innovative approach pairs convenience with technology, leading to stellar user experience in hotel room bookings deals. This revolutionary journey into the age of effortless e-commerce has allowed it to solidify its presence in the market.

How to Book a Hotel Room Using Esewa

Esewa, one of Nepal’s leading payment gateways, is rapidly becoming the go-to platform for many travelers due to its seamless hotel booking process and enticing offers. Utilizing Esewa for your next hotel booking aims to provide an easily accessible, reliable, and affordable purchase experience.

Step-by-step guide on booking a hotel room through Esewa

The booking process is inherent in its simplicity. Initially, the user would need to log in to their Esewa account. In the navigation section, they must select the hotels’ icon. This action leads to a display of various hotels from where they must select their desired option.

Upon selection, the user inputs the details of their stay period and the number of rooms needed. The user then must select book now. After verifying the information, they click on proceed for confirmation. The payment page appears, where they finalize their transaction.

Payment options and security measures

Esewa boasts a wide array of convenient payment options including debit/credit cards along with direct transfer from your linked bank accounts. Notably, every payment processed via Esewa encompasses security measures compliant with international standards that ensure the privacy and total protection of user information.

A compelling feature of using Esewa is its rotating catalog of enticing offers. These discounts can significantly reduce travel costs when applied during booking. The offers range from percentage discounts on room prices to bundled benefits such as complimentary breakfast or free airport pickups.

Regarded as a cutting-edge solution, Esewa stands out as more than just a standard payment gateway. Leveraging smooth navigation, secure transactions along with some truly advantageous offers will make booking through Esewa a valuable choice for many travelers.

Top Hotels Available for Booking on Esewa

Exciting news for travelers seeking convenience! Esewa, a reputable and leading online payment gateway in Nepal, has included hotel booking services. Now, this platform allows clients to browse and reserve from an array of Nepal’s top-rated hotels.

List of popular hotels that accept Esewa for bookings

A myriad of posh and well-known hotels are now within reach right from your Esewa app. They include the Kathmandu Marriott Hotel, for those who appreciate a synergy of luxury and tradition, or Temple Tree Resort & Spa in Pokhara, famous for its surreal architecture and warm hospitality.

For travelers who gravitate towards eco-conscious stays, The Pavilions Himalayas Lake View is a worthy choice located amidst purely organic farmland. Meanwhile, Gorkha Gaun Resort has made a mark with its scenic raw beauty and commitment to sustainable tourism.If you are looking for best Resorts Near kathmandu Valley then you can check our previous blogs.

Brief description of each hotel and its amenities

The Kathmandu Marriott Hotel boasts of well-appointed rooms and world-class amenities alongside authentic Nepali hospitality. It creates an idyllic retreat within the vibrant city’s heart.

Temple Tree Resort & Spa celebrates Pokhara’s natural charm within an intimate setting. It showcases the view of the mountains while offering a full-range spa to soothe your senses after daily explorations.

The Pavilions Himalayas Lake View offers secluded villas with private terraces looking out over serene organic farms. Its focus on sustainable luxury resonates through every aspect of the resort, including farm-to-table dining experiences.

Gorkha Gaun Resort is a destination in itself; every facet reinforcing it as an eco-logical paradise. From homes built in traditional ‘Gurung-style’ to breathtaking mountaintop views, it’s an unforgettable experience.

Take advantage of Esewa’s new feature and plan your next staycation or vacation effortlessly! Recurring promotions also promise extra savings on room rates or dining services. Planning your journeys has never been more luxurious or straightforward with Esewa.

Exclusive Offers and Discounts for Esewa Users

If there’s one thing seasoned travelers and business globetrotters can attest to, it’s the convenience of making their hotel bookings using Esewa. As a modern, secure and user-friendly digital wallet from Nepal, Esewa revolutionizes the way room booking is handled. It’s increasingly becoming a go-to choice given the rising number of discounts and exclusive offers Esewa users are privy to.

Special deals and discounts available for Esewa users

A partnership with Esewa equals access to a plethora of discounts. Hoteliers giving priority to Esewa users understand the current digital payment landscape’s shift. These exclusive deals could range from discounted room rates to package deals encompassing additional services like complimentary breakfast, gym access or spa treatments.

Promotional codes and limited-time offers

Hotel booking becomes more pleasurable with the prospect of promotional codes solely available to Esewa users. Clients have the privilege of availing limited-time offers that provide significant price slashes or added-value-meets-comfort amenities. These promotional codes are easy to redeem and could lead to substantial savings, particularly for frequent travelers.

In totality, it’s clear that room bookings made through Esewa offers more than mere convenience. Users also enjoy a host of financial benefits replete with nifty price cuts and value-added services. The trend towards adopting digital wallets like Esewa is gaining momentum as it pivots towards becoming an integral part of the traveler’s journey. This push is boosted by exclusive promotional codes, special deals, and time-sensitive discounts designed to enhance user experience while ensuring they obtain their money’s worth each time they book a hotel room using Esewa.

It is evident that partnering with eSewa for hotel bookings provides not only convenience but a chance to save on costs while enjoying top-tier services in reputable hotels across Nepal. Savvy travelers are therefore urged to join eSewa’s re-emerging trend, which provides an opportunity for an enhanced, cost-effective, and convenient hotel booking experience.

Esewa Loyalty Program for Hotel Bookings

When it comes to hotel bookings, comfort and affordability are the key considerations for most travelers. Esewa makes it more convenient not only by providing a seamless booking process, but also by offering a loyalty programme for regular users.

Information about Esewa’s loyalty program for frequent hotel bookings

Esewa’s Digital Wallet offers an extensive loyalty programme to hotel customers. Highly appealing to frequent travelers, it provides rewards that consistently add up, as you book more stays through Esewa. The platform is very user-friendly, ensuring even first-time users find the process comprehensible and easy to navigate. Henceforth, the loyalty program is designed to capture and reward every booking activity.

Benefits and rewards for loyal customers

The loyalty program is structured to ensure that each booking gets you closer to unlocking remarkable rewards. The more you book hotels using Esewa, the more rewards you accumulate.

Benefits are not limited to economical savings alone. Frequent bookers may find themselves eligible for VIP services, upgraded rooms at no added cost, late checkout and a host of other desirable facilities reserved typically only for premium members.

In addition, the program also offers options to redeem points across various categories like flights, dining experiences and much more. This makes the process more rewarding and interesting.

To enjoy these perks, all you need is to make your hotel bookings through Esewa and start accumulating your rewards from your very first booking. So whether it’s a business trip or a vacation, take advantage of Esewa’s loyalty program for your hotel bookings and get rewarded in diverse ways. Even though travelers primarily seek comfort and affordability from their hotel bookings, with Esewa’s digital wallet and its loyalty program, they also receive exciting rewards along the way.

Hotel Room Booking with Esewa

Welcome to a world of simplified hotel reservations facilitated by Esewa. Customers stand to enjoy seamless room booking processes and enticing offers. Hotel bookings provided by Esewa offer various choices that accommodate different needs ranging from luxurious suites to budget-fitting rooms.

The reliable platform ensures that every customer experience is soothed with comfort. Whether you’re in need of a business suite for an executive retreat or looking for a vacation getaway, using Esewa for your hotel reservations is undeniably one of your optimal choices.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

One critical aspect that delineates Esewa from other booking platforms would be its robust repository of customer reviews and ratings. These compilations serve as a guide for potential customers, steering their decision-making process towards a fitting choice.

Compilation of Customer Reviews and Ratings for Hotels Booked Through Esewa

Esewa places great emphasis on transparency, providing detailed and unbiased reviews of all its enlisted hotels. The ratings encompass various components that any discerning customer would tick off in their checklist; cleanliness, amenities, customer service, location, and quality.

Testimonials and Feedback from Satisfied Customers

These reviews compiled on Esewa are rich with testimonials and feedback from satisfied clientele. The depth of such insights proves beneficial to customers as they navigate through countless choices available. Remarkable stories have been narrated recounting the speed of the booking process and the outstanding offers they gained.

Esewa is thus irrefutably a platform worth considering when planning your next trip or business meeting. By providing easy-to-understand reviews accompanying every listed hotel, it saves customers valuable time whilst guaranteeing a satisfying stay. Explore the world with ease brought by Esewa’s comprehensive hotel room booking feature.

Esewa Customer Support for Hotel Bookings

Esewa, as one of the pioneers in the digital wallet platform in Nepal, offers an array of services, including hotel bookings. This service provides a convenient, secure way to book hotels across Nepal from the comfort of your home or office.

Contact information and support channels for Esewa’s customer service

Part of Esewa’s commitment to providing a seamless user experience is its robust customer support infrastructure. Whether customers need guidance through the hotel booking process or have specific queries, Esewa has various support options available. They can reach out through Esewa’s dedicated customer service hotline or through the live chat feature on their website. Also, they provide assistance via email and social media channels.

Assistance with booking-related queries and issues

Customers can rely on Esewa’s customer support for help with booking-related queries and issues at any stage of the process. Be it understanding the booking procedure, seeking information about hotel availability, resolving payment issues, or troubleshooting technical errors, their competent team is adequately equipped to handle all concerns.

To ensure high-quality service delivery, they prioritize prompt response times. Moreover, they maintain comprehensive FAQs and guides on their website for self-help purposes.

Esewa aims to make hotel bookings as effortless as possible. Their team’s continuous effort to cater to each customer’s specific needs manifests in their dedicated support system.

In conclusion, for effortless hotel room bookings and immediate assistance with any challenges encountered along the way, patrons can trust Esewa. With their robust support system well-equipped to resolve any problems swiftly and efficiently, you are guaranteed a smooth and satisfying experience when making your subsequent hotel reservations.

Note: Esewa also runs promotional offers regularly that allow customers to book hotels at heavily discounted rates. This is worth looking out for when planning your next stay!

Alternative Payment Methods for Hotel Bookings

The hotel industry, like many other sectors, is evolving to accommodate new consumer behaviors. One significant change has been the shift towards digital payments due to their convenience, safety, and transparency. Esewa is one such remarkable digital platform that eases transactions for hotel room bookings.

Overview of other digital payment options available for hotel bookings

Beyond traditional credit card payments, a myriad of other digital methods have surfaced, notably PayPal, Google Pay, and Esewa. These platforms each have their strengths and offers in making hotel room booking experiences seamless.

PayPal offers worldwide payment services with an extensive customer base; people favor it for its quick transactions and robust security measures. Google Pay allows users to make payments directly from their mobile devices seamlessly integrated into the Google ecosystem.

Comparison of Esewa with other platforms

Esewa stands out in its unique approach to simplifying payments for hotel room bookings. Compared to other digital platforms, Esewa provides impressive features tailored towards making hotel room booking a breeze.

Do you ask why you should consider Esewa? Firstly, it offers easy accessibility and user-friendly navigation. With just a few clicks or taps, one can comfortably book a room in any partnered hotel ranging from budget lodgings to luxury resorts.

Secondly, they offer attractive incentives through discounts or deals collaborations with certain hotels. These exclusive deals could be seasonal or targeted at specific customer segments like families or individual travelers.

Lastly, Esewa’s promptness in service delivery sets it apart. Unlike some platforms that might take several minutes to process payments, Esewa handles transactions swiftly without compromising on security. This ensures a smooth hotel booking experience that accommodates last-minute reservations without issues caused by payment delays.

In conclusion, when choosing a digital payment platform for hotel bookings, one needs to consider versatility, incentive offerings, user-friendliness, promptness, and most essentially security – values that Esewa embodies.


Utilizing Esewa for hotel room bookings, one can have access to an easy, secure, and pleasing experience. Esewa is a digital wallet service offering a smooth user experience and rewarding features.

Summary of the advantages of using Esewa for hotel room bookings

Convenience: Hotel room booking has never been this seamless before. With features like instant booking confirmation, Esewa makes the booking process less of a hassle and more enjoyable.

Safety: Trustworthy and secured, it ensures that their customers’ safety is a top priority. They have secured payment gateways that guarantee safe transactions.

Rewarding Offers: The exciting part about using Esewa for hotel room bookings is the reward system. By conducting transactions through Esewa, customers can often access special deals, offers, and discounts on various hotels.

Final thoughts and recommendations

No longer do people need to stand in queues for hours just to book a hotel room. Technology has reshaped the way people live, and thanks to platforms like Esewa, tasks have become simpler and quicker.

For those who prioritize security, convenience, and want to enjoy rewarding offers, using Esewa for hotel room bookings would be an ideal choice. As it continues to grow in services and partnership with hotels globally, Esewa is bound to remain a go-to platform for many users around the world seeking a reliable digital wallet for their hotel booking needs.