eSewa Coupons & Promo Code for July 2024

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eSewa promo codes and offers in Nepal

eSewa is a leading digital wallet platform in Nepal that has gained immense popularity among users for its convenience and wide range of services. It has become Nepal's preferred portal for not only recharge and bill payments but also for a variety of other transactions.

With eSewa, users can easily recharge their mobile recharge, pay utility bills, and top up their internet and TV subscriptions. The platform offers a seamless and secure payment experience, allowing users to make transactions anytime, anywhere.

But eSewa is not just limited to recharge and bill payments. It also offers a wide range of services that make it an all-in-one digital wallet. Users can book flight tickets, make hotel reservations, purchase movie tickets, and even shop online using their eSewa wallet. The platform has partnered with various airlines, hotels, and e-commerce websites to provide users with exclusive deals and discounts.

One of the major benefits of using eSewa is the availability of promo codes and esewa cashback offers. Users can find and redeem eSewa promo codes to get discounts on their transactions. These promo codes can be easily found on eSewa Coupon page. By using these promo codes, users can save money on their recharge, bill payments, flight bookings, and hotel reservations.

eSewa regularly introduces cashback offers on various transactions, allowing users to earn money back into their wallet. These cashback offers can be availed by using specific promo codes or simply by making transactions through eSewa.

Exclusive Deals and Discounts: eSewa has partnered with various airlines, hotels, and e-commerce websites to provide users with exclusive deals and discounts. By using eSewa for flight and hotel bookings or online shopping, users can avail of special offers and save money.

Promo Codes and Cashback Offers: eSewa regularly introduces promo codes that users can find and redeem to get discounts on their transactions. These promo codes can be easily found on eSewa's website or app, as well as on various coupon websites. Additionally, eSewa offers cashback promotions on specific transactions, allowing users to earn money back into their wallet.

eSewa Flight Booking Offers

eSewa provides its users with a convenient and hassle-free platform for booking flights. In addition to its wide range of services, eSewa also offers various promotional offers and discounts for flight bookings. These offers not only help users save money but also enhance their overall booking experience.

One of the most popular flight booking offers on eSewa is the cashback on ticket booking. Users who book their flights through the eSewa platform are eligible to receive cashback on their bookings. The cashback amount varies and is determined by factors such as the booking amount and the specific offer terms and conditions. This cashback can be utilized for future flight bookings or other transactions on eSewa.

To avail of these flight booking offers, users simply need to access the flight booking section on the eSewa app or website. Once users have selected their desired flight, they can proceed with the booking process. During the payment stage, users will be prompted to enter any relevant promo codes or discount coupons. If an ongoing flight booking offer is applicable, users can enter the promo code to activate the offer and avail of any associated discounts or cashback.

It's important for users to carefully read the terms and conditions of each flight booking offer to ensure they meet the eligibility criteria and understand the specific benefits. Some offers may have certain restrictions, such as being applicable only for specific airlines or travel dates.

eSewa Promo Code for Hotel Booking:

When it comes to hotel bookings, eSewa provides users with a seamless experience. The user-friendly platform allows travelers to search for hotels based on their preferred destination, travel dates, and other preferences. Users can easily compare prices, read guest reviews, and browse through a variety of accommodations. Whether it's a luxurious hotel, a budget-friendly guesthouse, or something in between, eSewa offers a diverse range of choices for every traveler's needs and budget.


One of the biggest advantages of booking hotels through eSewa is the availability of cashback promotions. eSewa often collaborates with hotels and travel providers to offer exclusive cashback deals to its users. By applying the promo codes provided by eSewa at the time of booking, users can enjoy significant savings on their hotel stays. This not only makes the travel experience more affordable but also allows users to accumulate cashback in their eSewa wallets, which can be used for future bookings or other transactions.

Latest eSewa Promo Code for Internet Bill Payment Offers

eSewa frequently updates its promo codes for internet bill payments. Users can find these codes on the official eSewa app or website. The promo codes offer discounts that help reduce expenses on monthly internet bills. Customers should check the validity of each eSewa promo code before use. The codes are usually time-sensitive and might expire after a specific period. To apply a code, users need to enter it during the payment process. This will automatically adjust the bill amount.

New promo codes are often shared during special occasions and festivals. eSewa collaborates with several internet service providers to maximize savings for users. By regularly checking eSewa’s promotions section, customers can stay updated on the latest offers.

Using an eSewa promo code is a simple way to make internet bill payments more affordable. It encourages more people to use the platform, benefiting both customers and service providers.

eSewa promo codes Esewa Discounts Details
WLINK300 Annual Payment of Worldlink Subscriptions ( Upto Rs300 OFF )
VIA300 Annual Payment of Vainet Subscriptions ( Upto Rs300 OFF )
CGNET300 Annual Payment of CGNET Subscriptions ( Upto Rs300 OFF )
SUB300 Annual Payment of SUBISU Subscriptions ( Upto Rs300 OFF )
CT300 Annual Payment of CLASSICTECH Subscriptions ( Upto Rs300 OFF )

Note: Valid for first payment through esewa

How to find and redeem eSewa promo codes ?

Finding and redeeming eSewa promo codes is a simple and straightforward process. Here are the steps you can follow to avail the benefits of these promotional offers:

  • Visit Daamideal eSewa Coupon Page

  • Click on Get Deals

  • Copy the promo code and click on Redeem online

  • Apply Promo Code while paying through eSewa Wallet

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