Best eSewa Offers and Discounts [ 2023 ]

AdminJul 20, 2023

I. Introduction to eSewa

eSewa is currently one of Nepal’s leading digital payment platforms. With the rapid digitization of services around the globe, eSewa has disrupted the traditional banking system, providing a convenient means for online transactions for the people of Nepal.

Overview of eSewa and its services in Nepal

eSewa is more than just an online wallet. It offers several services, allowing users to reap multiple benefits on a single platform. Some of the top-notch features of eSewa include:

  • Utility bill payment: Easy payment of electricity, water, and internet bills.
  • Mobile recharge: Direct recharge to mobile phones of any service provider in Nepal.
  • Airline and bus ticket booking: Secure and straightforward flight and bus bookings to all the major destinations.
  • Online shopping: Collaborating with leading online stores to provide a seamless shopping experience.
  • Insurance premium payment: Aides in paying insurance premiums without queuing up at the banks.
  • Bank transfers: Seamless transfers to and from a majority of banks in Nepal.

This opens up an array of opportunities for users to simplify their daily activities. And to make it even more appealing, eSewa regularly offers discounts and offers to its users. So, if you’re in Nepal and want to experience modern digital banking, eSewa is a reliable and user-friendly platform to consider.

In the next section, let’s dive deep into the best offers provided by eSewa in 2023!

II. eSewa Wallet Offers


In 2023, the eSewa wallet is a popular digital payment platform in Nepal, providing its customers with various eSewa Deals and offers. It has made shopping, paying bills, recharging phones, and booking tickets easier and more convenient.

Let’s dive deeper into some of the different offers and discounts available on eSewa wallet transactions.


Different offers and discounts available on eSewa wallet transactions

1. Top-Up and Bill Payment offers
Various discounts are available when you use eSewa for mobile top-ups and paying utility bills. This can range anywhere from 5% up to 10%.

2. Shopping offers
Many online stores associated with eSewa provide exclusive discounts to eSewa users which can range from 10% to up to 50%.

3. eSewa Send Money offereSewa offers cashback when you send money to other eSewa users. This cashback offer can sometimes go up to 20%.

4. Flight & Bus ticket booking offerseSewa customers can enjoy up to a certain percentage off when booking flight or bus tickets through eSewa.

5. Insurance payment offerseSewa provides a certain percentage of cashback upon payment for insurance policies.

These excellent offers available on the eSewa wallet make it more than just a digital payment platform. By using eSewa, you get to enjoy a wide variety of offers and discounts, making transactions more rewarding, thereby reinforcing its importance as a leading digital wallet in Nepal in 2023. Non-eSewa users are encouraged to try out eSewa and enjoy these attractive offers.

III. eSewa Mobile Recharge Offers

eSewa, the leading online wallet in Nepal, has really upped the ante when it comes to offering value to its users. 2023 has brought a host of exciting offers and cashback deals, especially when it comes to mobile recharge options. Here are some of the highlight deals:

Special offers and cashback deals on mobile recharge through eSewa

1. Bonus Balance with NTC and NCELL: With eSewa’s partnership with NTC and NCELL, you can now get bonus balance on every mobile recharge. Enjoy up to 10% bonus balance on every recharge above NPR 100.

2. Exclusive Data Pack Offers: eSewa offers exclusive data pack recharge options of 1GB, 3GB, and 5GB with providers NTC and NCELL. Not to forget, these packs come with exciting cashback offers!

3. Top Up & Win Privileges: Top up your eSewa Wallet account and stand a chance to win exclusive privileges every week; these might include discounts on your monthly grocery shop or even a chance to win high-value vouchers!

Here’s a glimpse of comparison for the offers:

eSewa Offer Provider Minimum recharge amount Bonus
Bonus Balance NTC/NCELL NPR 100 Up to 10%
Data Pack Offers NTC/NCELL Cashback
Top Up & Win Weekly Rewards

It’s worth noting that eSewa continues to introduce more exciting offers throughout the year. Therefore, it’s recommended to frequently check the app for the latest updates and take full advantage of these beneficial offers.

IV. eSewa Bill Payment Offers

Enjoying the ease of online bill payments is one thing, but what if, in addition to the convenience, you could also reap some fantastic offers? Welcome to the world of eSewa’s bill payment methods! In 2023, eSewa, the leading online payment gateway in Nepal, offers exciting discounts and reward points on utility bill payments.

Discounts and rewards on utility bill payments using eSewa

Here are the key features that make eSewa stand out:

1. Instant Cashback: For every utility bill payment with eSewa, you are entitled to receive instant cash backs, how fascinating is that? It’s the ideal option for savings!

2. Reward Points system: eSewa has introduced a reward points system, that grows with every transaction you make. These points can be later redeemed for numerous valuable gifts and vouchers.

3. Frequent offers: Keep an eye out for the dashing offers that eSewa provides on a frequent basis. Grab the opportunity when you see one and enjoy the benefits.

4. Convenience: Not only does eSewa provides discounts and reward points, but it also provides the most convenient way of utility payment. Making it a one-stop online platform for an easy and secure means of transaction.

Make your utility bill payment through eSewa and enjoy the exciting rewards and discounts. Happy saving!

V. eSewa Online Shopping Offers

In 2023, eSewa, one of the leading digital wallets in Nepal, has continued to offer its users excellent discounts and deals on various online shopping platforms. Here’s a brief rundown of some of the top eSewa online shopping offers available this year.

Exclusive discounts and deals on online shopping platforms partnered with eSewa

  • Daraz: eSewa has partnered with Daraz, the biggest online shopping platform in Nepal. Users can now enjoy an exclusive 15% cashback on purchases made on Daraz using eSewa.
  • Foodmandu: When you order your favourite meals from Foodmandu through eSewa, you can avail of an enticing 10% discount off your total bill.
  • SastoDeal: A hearty discount of up to 20% is available on all products purchased via SastoDeal when payment is made through eSewa.

Also notable are the periodic promotional events and seasonal offers provided by eSewa on these platforms. These can include festive sales, flash deals, or exclusive cashback opportunities, which serve to further enhance the online shopping experience for eSewa users in Nepal.

Overall, these partnerships and offers manifest eSewa’s continued commitment to providing its users enhanced value and convenience in their online shopping experiences. Whether you’re making everyday purchases or shopping for special occasions, consider eSewa for impressive deals and discounts.

VI. eSewa Money Transfer Offers

eSewa digital wallet service is a boon for residents of Nepal. This platform has brought numerous monetary facilities to the user’s fingertips, making financial management more manageable than ever. Among these facilities are a variety of money transfer offers for eSewa users to take advantage of. Here’s a glance at some of these offers, allowing users to benefit while performing money transfers.

Offers and benefits on money transfers through eSewa

  • Daily Transfer Discounts: Every day, eSewa offers specific discounts on money transfers. These discounts are usually a certain percentage off the transfer fee, providing substantial savings for regular users.
  • Special Occasion Promos: eSewa also releases occasional promotions correlating with celebrations, public holidays, or specific events. These limited-time offers often include incentives such as increased percentage discounts or cashback offers for users.
  • Loyalty Program: Long-term eSewa users could benefit from its loyalty program, which offers unique rates and discounts on money transfers.

With its alluring offers and user-friendly interface, eSewa continues to enhance the ease of digital transactions for people in Nepal. For further details about eSewa’s latest offers and benefits, visit the eSewa’s Official Website or download the eSewa app from your smartphone’s app store.

Remember to continue checking your eSewa wallet for new and updated offers – a world of savings and convenience is just a click away!

VII. eSewa Payment Gateway Offers

In today’s digital era, online payment gateways like eSewa have revolutionized the way businesses operate in Nepal. They have made it easier for businesses to accept payments and provide convenience to their customers. Here are some benefits and advantages of using the eSewa payment gateway for businesses.

Benefits and Advantages of Using eSewa Payment Gateway for Businesses

eSewa offers numerous benefits for businesses that range from improving cash flow management to increasing customer reach. Below is a list of advantages of using eSewa payment gateway:

  • Ease of Use: eSewa is easy to implement and use. The user-friendly interface ensures that businesses of any size can easily integrate this payment gateway with their existing systems.
  • Wide Customer Reach: Being one of the most used digital wallets in Nepal, businesses looking to expand their customer base can leverage eSewa’s wide user base to reach more customers.
  • Increased Sales: Offering a secure and convenient online payment method can encourage more customers to make purchases.
  • Real-time Transaction: With eSewa, transactions are completed in real-time, helping businesses to improve their cash flow management.

In conclusion, the eSewa payment gateway offers a multitude of benefits that can help businesses to upgrade their transaction process, reach a broader customer base, and ultimately increase their profits.

VIII. eSewa Remittance Offers

In 2023, eSewa, Nepal’s leading online payment gateway, offers irresistible deals and offers on its international remittance services. These special packages are carefully designed to provide maximum benefits to the users who pledge their trust in eSewa’s remittance services.

Special offers on international remittance services provided by eSewa

The eSewa International Remittance Service Offer is a unique feature that lets the Nepalese residing abroad send money back home, and in return, the sender and the receiver can win exciting prizes and cashbacks. The prizes vary from smartphones to eSewa balance top-ups. This not only encourages the use of formal channels for remittance but also adds value to the end-users.

The highlight features of the eSewa Remittance Offer are:

  • Zero charges on transactions: eSewa doesn’t charge any extra cost on transactions making it an affordable choice.
  • Quick and easy process: The process of transfer is simple and quick ensuring convenience.
  • Chance to win exciting prizes: eSewa constantly announces new offers where both sender and receiver can win attractive prizes.
  • 24/7 customer services: eSewa has a dedicated customer service team to address the queries and problems round the clock.

These benefits make remitting money through eSewa not only handy but also exciting. So, next time when you think of sending money to Nepal, choose eSewa Remittance Service and enjoy these exciting offers.

IX. eSewa Travel Offers

Discounts and Rewards on Flight Bookings and Hotel Reservations

eSewa, a leading digital wallet in Nepal, provides a multitude of benefits for travelers in 2023. Here are some remarkable travel offers available through eSewa:

  • Discounted Flight Bookings: eSewa partners with various airlines, facilitating discounted flight bookings right from the app. Whether you plan to travel domestically or internationally, eSewa users can avail of this offer, affording significant savings on airfare.
  • Exciting Hotel Deals: eSewa provides super-saving deals on hotel reservations, making it an efficient choice for booking accommodation. With an assortment of hotels to choose from, users can select the most suitable option while enjoying significant discounts.
  • Reward Points: Each transaction through eSewa earns the user reward points that can be redeemed for further bookings, providing yet another lucrative opportunity for savings.

For travelers, these attractive offers can help turn their dream vacation into a reality. Manage your travel bookings conveniently and smartly with eSewa while earning rewards and availing of fabulous discounts.

However, users must remember that these offers are subject to terms and conditions, and it is advisable to review the details before making any bookings.

Remember, traveling is no longer a luxury but a necessity. So why not make the most of it with eSewa’s exciting travel offers! Start planning your dream getaway today and let eSewa take care of the rest. Set to explore the world on a budget? eSewa’s got your back!

Leverage the best travel deals in Nepal with eSewa that’s just a click away! Happy travel planning.

Remember, safe and affordable travel starts with eSewa.

X. eSewa Cashback Offers

In 2023, eSewa, Nepal’s leading online payment gateway, presents some fantastic cashback offers for its users. Let’s take a look at the ongoing deals on the platform:

Information about ongoing cashback offers and how to avail them

1. Top-Up and Recharge Offers:

Get 5% cashback up to NPR 100 on mobile top-up, DTH recharge, and internet bill payments.

2. Utilities Bill Cashback:

Avail of 2% cashback up to NPR 200 while paying utility bills such as electricity, water, and gas through eSewa.

3. Food Delivery Cashback:

Enjoy a 10% cashback up to NPR 500 on your food orders from selected partner restaurants.

To avail these cashback offers:

  • Log in to your eSewa account.
  • Select the service you want.
  • Enter applicable details and proceed to payment.
  • The cashback amount will reflect in your eSewa wallet within 24 hours of the transaction.

Note that these offers are subject to terms and conditions and may vary depending on eSewa’s policies.

Providing easy access to a variety of services and delightful cashback offers, eSewa is undeniably a valuable platform for online transactions in Nepal. Make sure to avail of these offers while they last!

XI. Conclusion

To wrap up, the range of eSewa offers available in Nepal truly lend to the platform’s convenience and versatility. From cashbacks to discounts, each offer provides unique advantages that Nepali users can greatly benefit from.

Summarizing the Key Consideration for Users

As a prospective user, here are a few key factors you should consider:

  • Cashbacks: With eSewa, users can take advantage of cashback offers on various categories such as utility bill payments, mobile top-ups, and online shopping.
  • Discounts: eSewa frequently provides substantial discounts on different services. Be sure to regularly check their platform for updates.
  • Merchant Variety: eSewa has partnered with a vast number of merchants, giving the user a wide variety of services to choose from.
  • Ease of Use: eSewa’s user-friendly interface makes navigating through these diverse offers a breeze.

In conclusion, eSewa continues to dominate the digital payment space in Nepal, not only due to its innovative technology, but also because of its user-oriented approach. The variety of offers available cater to different needs, making it a robust and versatile platform.

Remember, the best eSewa offer is the one that meets your specific needs the most efficiently. Stay updated and make the most out of your digital payment journey with eSewa!