Bulk SMS - Rs1.1 / SMS
Bulk SMS - Rs1.1 / SMS

Bulk SMS - Rs1.1 / SMS

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Vedally.com is Nepal's premier Bulk SMS service provider, offering businesses of all sizes an efficient and cost-effective way to send large amounts of SMS messages quickly and securely. With our powerful and easy-to-use platform, businesses can send bulk SMS messages to thousands of contacts in minutes. We offer reliable and secure messaging services with features such as message scheduling, delivery reports, and customized templates for a seamless customer experience. With our comprehensive solutions, you can easily reach out to your customers, partners, and employees in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Bulk sms price in Nepal :
Plan Upto 10,000 SMS Upto 20,000 SMS Upto 30,000 SMS
Price 1.5 /SMS 1.45/SMS 1.4/SMS
Tax Extra Extra Extra




mail@yoho.cloud9745652548 / 49 www.yoho.cloud

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