Popular TV brands in Nepal and its Pricing

AdminJul 27, 2023

I. Samsung

In a market that’s bristling with outstanding televisions, Samsung stands out as one of the most popular and respected TV manufacturers in Nepal. With a rich history dating back to 1938, Samsung is famed for offering a diverse lineup of innovative, high-quality TVs known for their exceptional picture quality, vibrant colors, and smart features.

Samsung Smart TV features and specifications

Samsung Smart TVs come packed with a variety of exciting features and high-performance specs that enhance the viewer’s experience. Here are some of the key features unique to Samsung’s Smart TV lineup in 2023:

  • Quantum Dot Technology: This technology delivers over a billion shades of color, guaranteeing incredible picture quality.
  • Quantum HDR: This feature brightens bright areas and darkens the dark ones in an image, resulting in astonishing contrast and remarkable detail.
  • Object Tracking Sound: OTS technology immerses you in 3D sound that moves with the action on the screen.
  • Samsung Bixby and SmartThings: The TV comes equipped with these smart features that allow you to voice control your TV and connect it with your other smart home devices.

Samsung TV lineup and pricing

Below is a quick overview of Samsung’s key TV models available in the Nepaln market in 2023, along with their estimated prices:

Samsung TV models  Size & Resolution  Price in Nepal (MRP)  Offer Price 
QA65LS03B 65-inches UHD 4K (Frame) Rs. 432,990 Rs. 372,900
QA55LS03B 55-inches UHD 4K (Frame) Rs. 319,990 Rs. 276,100
QA85Q60B 85-inches QLED UHD 4K Rs. 630,990 Rs. 544,500
QA75Q60B 75-inches QLED UHD 4K Rs. 378,990 Rs. 326,150
QA65Q60B 65-inches QLED UHD 4K Rs. 299,990 Rs. 258,500
QA55Q60B 55-inches QLED UHD 4K Rs. 189,990 Rs. 160,600
UA85BU8000 85-inches UHD 4K Rs. 464,990 Rs. 402,050
UA75BU8000 75-inches UHD 4K Rs. 324,990 Rs. 279,400
UA65AU7700 65-inches UHD 4K Rs. 189,990 Rs. 153,890
UA55AU7700 55-inches UHD 4K Rs. 139,990 Rs. 106,480
UA43AU7700 43-inches UHD 4K Rs. 101,990 Rs. 79,750
UA43AU7600 43-inches UHD 4K Rs. 79,990 Rs. 59,950
UA43T5500 43-inches FHD (1080p) Rs. 89,990 Rs. 71,500
UA43T5410 43-inches FHD (1080p) Rs. 65,490 Rs. 51,150
UA43T5400 43-inches FHD (1080p) Rs. 74,990 Rs. 56,650
UA32T4500 32-inches HD (720p) Rs. 62,990 Rs. 37,400
UA32T4400 32-inches HD (720p) Rs. 55,990 Rs. 32,890
           Price List Source: gadgetbytenepal.com

Prices might differ based on various factors like location, retailer, or limited-period offers.

When buying a TV, aspects such as screen size, resolution, smart features, picture quality, sound technology, and pricing should be considered. Samsung, with its rich offering, stands as a reliable choice amongst the popular TV brands in Nepal in 2023.

Remember, an ideal television is an amalgamation of quality, comfort, and value-for-money. Choose wisely to make your television-watching experience an enriching one!


Highly regarded around the world, LG is one of the popular television brands in Nepal. But why is LG a favored choice for some home entertainment seekers? Let’s delve into the specifics, from the cool features to a diverse TV lineup.

LG Smart TV features and specifications

LG Smart TVs come packed with an array of features that promise to make your viewing experience immersive and rewarding. From their impressive display, smart connectivity, to responsive operating system, here are some features you’ll enjoy in most of their models:

  • WebOS: This is LG’s smart TV interface. It’s known for its simplicity, user-friendliness, and unique application lineup.
  • Active HDR: LG TVs incorporate active HDR that translates to exceptional picture quality.
  • AI ThinQ: Enjoy voice-activated controls as part of the AI ThinQ technology. You can command your TV to search for shows, adjust volume, and much more.
  • Dolby Vision and Atmos: Some LG smart TVs have Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, providing you with a cinema-like audio-visual experience.

Here is a table showcasing the variety of specifications typical for LG Smart TVs:

Specification Details
Display Technology OLED, NanoCell, UHD, and LED
Screen Size Ranging from 32 inches to over 80 inches
Operating System webOS
Resolution Types 8K, 4K, Full HD, HD
Novel Features Google Assistant, Apple AirPlay 2, Home Dashboard
Connectivity WiFi, Ethernet, HDMI, USB

LG TV lineup and pricing

The range of LG TVs in Nepal is extensive, catering to different budgets and viewing preferences. The pricing largely depends on the type of TV (whether OLED, NanoCell, UHD), size, and additional features.

LG’s TV lineup includes:

  • LG OLED: Known for their unsurpassed black levels and color ranges. These are priced higher due to their premium quality.
  • LG NanoCell: They are admired for their pure and realistic colors. They are more affordable than OLEDs.
  • LG UHD: They deliver four times the resolution of Full HD. These are priced modestly and cater to a broad range of consumers.

The actual prices vary significantly based on the specific model and can range from INR 20,000 to over INR 5,00,000. Always ensure to check the latest prices on the official LG Nepal website or from authorized retailers.


Model Number   Screen Size   Price in Nepal (MRP)  Price (Best Market Price)  
Normal LED TV
32LM550B 32” HD (1366 x 768 pixels) Rs. 33,790 Rs. 28,990
Smart TV AI ThinQ  
43LM5750 43” FHD (1920 x 1080 pixels) Rs. 78,990 Rs. 65,690
32LQ636B 32” HD (1366 x 768 pixels) Rs. 55,990 Rs. 36,490
86UQ9000 86”, 4K UHD (3840 x 2160 pixels) Rs. 645,990 Rs. 428,190
75UQ8050 75”, 4K UHD (3840 x 2160 pixels) Rs. 356,290 Rs. 278,490
65UQ8050 65”, 4K UHD (3840 x 2160 pixels) Rs. 199,290 Rs. 155,890
65UQ7550 65”, 4K UHD (3840 x 2160 pixels) Rs. 192,990 Rs. 150,490
65UP7750 65”, 4K UHD (3840 x 2160 pixels) Rs. 196,890 Rs. 170,090
65UP7550 65”, 4K UHD (3840 x 2160 pixels) Rs. 185,790 Rs. 160,490
55UQ8050 55”, 4K UHD (3840 x 2160 pixels) Rs. 137,590 Rs. 110,590
55UP7750 55”, 4K UHD (3840 x 2160 pixels) Rs. 136,290 Rs. 117,790
55UQ7550 55”, 4K UHD (3840 x 2160 pixels) Rs. 134,990 Rs. 103,990
55UP7550 55”, 4K UHD (3840 x 2160 pixels) Rs. 132,490 Rs. 114,390
50UP7750 50”, 4K UHD (3840 x 2160 pixels) Rs. 119,790 Rs. 103,990
50UQ7550 50”, 4K UHD (3840 x 2160 pixels) Rs. 119,790 Rs. 95,790
43UP7550 43”, 4K UHD (3840 x 2160 pixels) Rs. 90,190 Rs. 77,190
43UQ7550 43”, 4K UHD (3840 x 2160 pixels) Rs. 90,190 Rs. 72,890
OLED65C2 65”, 4K UHD (3940 x 2160 pixels) Rs. 512,490 Rs. 440,790
OLED65C1 65”, 4K UHD (3940 x 2160 pixels) Rs. 547,590 Rs. 472,890
OLED55C1 55”, 4K UHD (3940 x 2160 pixels) Rs. 321,490 Rs. 276,490
OLED48C1 48”, 4K UHD (3940 x 2160 pixels) Rs. 299,290 Rs. 258,490
Price List Source: gadgetbytenepal.com

Remember, when trying to choose your perfect television, consider your space, budget, and preferred features. But with an LG Smart TV, you’re guaranteed of striking visuals, incredible sound, and an overall pleasant entertainment experience.

III. Sony

Sony, a household name worldwide, is also one of the most sought-after TV brands in Nepal. With its reputation for high-quality products, Sony has managed to stay at the forefront of the constantly evolving television market.

Sony Smart TV features and specifications

Sony has a wide range of Smart TVs that cater to various needs and preferences. Most of the Smart TV models come integrated with Sony’s X-Reality Pro picture processing engine, elevating the viewing experience by enhancing every pixel for remarkable clarity.

Other notable features of Sony Smart TVs include:

  • Triluminos Display: For naturally vibrant colors, creating a more immersive and lifelike viewing experience.
  • Acoustic Multi-Audio system: Surround sound quality to match the superior visuals.
  • Android TV: Offering a wide library of apps and games from Google Play, including popular streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Here are some flagship Smart Sony TV models and their specifications:

Sony TV lineup and pricing

TV Model Size & Resolution
Price in Nepal Offer Price
KDL-32W830KJ 32” HD Rs. 72,000 Rs. 64,800
50X75 50” 4K UHD Rs. 150,000 Rs. 135,000
55X80J (Google TV) 55”, 4K UHD Rs. 180,000 Rs. 162,000
65X80J (Google TV) 65”, 4K UHD Rs. 231,000 Rs. 196,400
75X80J (Google TV) 75”, 4K UHD Rs. 360,000 Rs. 324,000
55X75K (Google TV) 55”, 4K UHD Rs. 161,500 Rs. 145,350
65X75K (Google TV) 65”, 4K UHD Rs. 211,000 Rs. 189,990
55X80K (Google TV) 55”, 4K UHD Rs. 187,00 Rs. 168,300
65X75K (Google TV) 65”, 4K UHD Rs. 238,000 Rs. 214,200
Price List Source: gadgetbytenepal.com

Sony offers a wide range of televisions, be it LED TVs, OLED TVs, or QLED TVs, accommodating all budgets and needs.

For budget-conscious consumers, there are options like the Sony Bravia 32-inch Full HD LED Smart TV, priced reasonably without compromising on the essential features. On the other hand, for those who are willing to splurge for the best viewing experience, Sony offers the Master Series A9G, a 4K OLED TV equipped with Sony’s best technologies.


In conclusion, the Sony TV brand fits a diverse range of consumer choices in Nepal, from budget-friendly models to premium Smart TVs, all with commendable features and superior quality that Sony is renowned for globally.

Moving onto the next brand in our series…

IV. Xiaomi

Although Xiaomi is primarily known for its smartphone devices, it’s also a leading TV brand in Nepal. It entered the Nepaln TV market in recent years and quickly amassed a significant market share, thanks to its affordable quality TVs.

Xiaomi Smart TV features and specifications

Xiaomi TVs are well-loved for offering advanced technology and features at a relatively low price. Most Xiaomi TVs run on the Android TV platform that provides access to Google Play Store, allowing users to download various apps and games directly onto their TV.

Key features to expect from Xiaomi TVs include:

  • 4K HDR Display: Xiaomi TVs excel in offering gorgeous, vibrant colors and sharp details, thanks to the 4K Ultra HD resolution with HDR support.
  • PatchWall Interface: This is Xiaomi’s custom UI that comes along with a clean layout, a huge catalog of content from numerous content partners, and unique features like universal search and kids mode.
  • Data Saver Mode: A standout feature on Xiaomi’s TVs that allows users to stream up to three times more and view the data usage by different apps.
  • Built-in Chromecast: Xiaomi Smart TVs come with Chromecast built-in, enabling you to easily cast your favorite videos, games, and apps from your mobile device in full quality to your TV.

For detailed information, you can refer to this Wikipedia link on Xiaomi.

Xiaomi TV lineup and pricing

Xiaomi offers a range of TVs in Nepal. Their portfolio includes the affordable Mi TV 4X series, the Mi TV 4A series, and the premium QLED TV range. The price varies depending on the size of the television and its features.


Xiaomi Mi TV Model Price in Nepal
Mi TV Q1 QLED (75″) Rs. 299,999
Xiaomi Smart TV X Series (55”) Rs. 79,999
Xiaomi TV 5X (43”) Rs. 59,999
Xiaomi Smart TV 5A (43”) Rs. 47,999
Redmi Smart TV X Series (43”) Rs. 54,999
Redmi Smart TV (43”) Rs. 44,999
Mi TV 4A (32″) Rs. 29,999
Mi TV 4A (40″) Rs. 39,999
Mi TV 4A Pro (43″) Rs. 44,999
Mi TV 4A Horizon Edition (43″) Rs. 46,999
Mi TV 4X (43″) Rs. 54,999
Mi TV 4X (55″) Rs. 79,999
Mi TV 4X (65″) Rs. 109,999
Price List Source: gadgetbytenepal.com

However, these prices keep fluctuating due to ongoing discounts and deals, so it’s always a good idea to check the current prices on the official Xiaomi Nepal website or popular online retailers.

Thus, Xiaomi provides a compelling option for those looking for a feature-packed smart TV without breaking the bank.



TCL, an abbreviation for The Creative Life, is a multinational electronics company based in China. It has gained significant traction in Nepal for its competitive pricing, advanced technology, and a wide variety of options. Let’s delve deeper into its features, specifications, lineup, and pricing.

TCL Smart TV features and specifications

TCL Smart TVs offer innovative features that enhance your television viewing experience. Each Smart TV is powered by Android OS, offering access to over 7000+ apps and games on Google Play.

  • AI-IN Intelligent Features: TCL Smart TVs integrate AI technology that allows voice-activated control, personalized recommendations based on your viewing habits, and interacting with other smart home devices.
  • 4K UHD and QLED Display Technology: TCL offers high-definition 4K panels in their TV range. Some higher-end models also sport Quantum Dot (QLED) technology, providing stunning color reproduction and superior brightness.
  • Dolby Audio and DTS Sound: The TV sets are equipped with Dolby Audio decoder and DTS sound technology that ensures immersive 5.1 surround sound.
  • Design: TCL TVs are known for their elegant and sleek designs, featuring ultra-thin bezels and a nearly edge-to-edge screen ratio for an immersive viewing experience.


Type  Model Number  Price in Nepal Offer Price 
QLED C735 Google TV 55C735 Rs. 157,790 Rs. 120,490
65C735 Rs. 210,890 Rs. 160,990
Curved FHD 55P3FS Rs. 81,590 Rs. 62,390
UHD 43P635 Rs. 63,290 Rs. 47,990
50P635 Rs. 89,790 Rs. 68,590
55P635 Rs. 98,790 Rs. 75,390
65P635 Rs. 139,190 Rs. 106,390
75P735 Rs. 258,990 Rs. 197,690
Smart LED 32S65A Rs. 37,290 Rs. 28,390
43S5200 Rs. 56,590 Rs. 42,990
Normal LED 32D3000 Rs. 28,690 Rs. 21,790
Price List Source: gadgetbytenepal.com

By providing competitive pricing and integrating high-end technologies in their TVs, TCL has made a significant impact in the Nepalese market. They have a wide range of offerings to suit individual preferences, making it a brand to consider when thinking of purchasing a new Smart TV in Nepal.


VI. Conclusion

At the cusp of 2023, the battle for the top spot among TV brands in Nepal continues to be fiercely contested. Who comes out on top largely depends on the specific needs and preferences of the viewer, which brings us to our conclusion.

Comparison between popular TV brands in Nepal

Here’s a gist of the top five TV brands in Nepal – Samsung, LG, Sony, Xiaomi, and TCL:

Samsung is known for its rich colors and dynamic visuals, presenting a stunning display and smart features that fit perfectly in a modern smart home.

LG stands out with its innovative OLED technology giving viewers deep blacks and lifelike colors, along with built-in Google Assistant and Alexa.

Sony impresses with its Triluminos display for a wide color palette, and the acoustic surface technology, which produces sound from the screen itself.

Xiaomi, the relatively new player, is breaking grounds with its affordable range of smart TVs, without compromising on quality.

Finally, TCL offers a top-tier viewing experience at an affordable cost, with its QLED and Mini-LED technology.

Still confused? Let’s break things further with a comparison table:

Brand Key Features
Samsung Rich Colors, Smart features
LG OLED technology, Built-in Google Assistant & Alexa
Sony Triluminos display, Acoustic surface technology
Xiaomi Affordable, Quality smart TV
TCL Affordable, QLED and Mini-LED technology

Factors to consider when choosing a TV brand

When choosing a TV brand, it is crucial to consider a few key features:

  • Display technology: OLED, QLED, or perhaps Mini-LED? Each offers a unique viewing experience.
  • Smart features: Think about how you’ll use your TV. Do you need a built-in voice assistant or app compatibility?
  • Price: Budget plays a pivotal role. Brands like Xiaomi and TCL tend to offer more bang for your buck.
  • Sound: Check if the audio quality matches up to the display. Alternatively, consider if you need to budget for a soundbar.
  • Durability and After-sales service: A TV is a long-term investment. Make sure the brand has a good track record for durability and customer service.

Choosing the right TV is about more than just the brand name. By taking the time to understand what each brand offers and being clear on what you want, you can find the perfect TV for your home.