Top Clothing Brands in Nepal

AdminJul 18, 2023

I. Rara Avis

Huba Nepal Brand Overview

When it comes to contemporary and stylish clothing in Nepal, Rara Avis (Huba Nepal) stands out from the crowd. This local brand, known for its high-quality fabrics, creative designs, and diversity in clothing, has carved out a niche for itself in the Nepali fashion industry. The brand prides itself on linking the handiwork of local artisans with global fashion trends, while promoting sustainability.

Their collection is an exciting mix of traditional and contemporary designs, expressing the vibrant culture and intricate craft of Nepal. Rara Avis (Huba Nepal) stays true to the local environment by using locally sourced materials.

Huba Nepal Signature Collection

Here are a few highlights from Rara Avis (Huba Nepal) signature collections:

1. Desi Pop Collection: This collection is rooted in tradition, with a flare of modernity, employing bold colours with local Nepalese prints. Each piece is produced with both passion and respect for the local culture.

2. Floral Fusion Collection: Vibrant, colorful and full of energy, the Floral Fusion collection symbolizes the beauty and diversity of Nepal’s flora. Featuring hand-painted floral patterns, this collection brings a fresh perspective to traditional clothing.

3. Ethnic Chic Collection: This line, with its use of earthy colors and traditional fabric, perfectly captures the essence of the Himalayan country. Ethnic Chic represents the merging of Nepal’s rich cultural heritage with contemporary fashion.

4. Tibetan Thangka Collection: Drawing inspiration from Tibetan Thangka art, this collection features Thangka-inspired prints, offering a unique, artistic twist to the clothes.


Huba Nepal Price Range

Rara Avis (Huba Nepal) clothing offers various pieces, ranging from daily wear to festive attire. Their price range is quite reasonable and affordable, making it accessible to a broad audience. Prices usually range from NPR 1,200 to NPR 4,500, depending on the type and design of the clothing.

Though Rara Avis (Huba Nepal) stands out for its fusion of traditional and contemporary designs, it is also highly rated for its quality, durability, and comfort. All these factors combined make this Nepali brand a leading force in the Nepali fashion scene, enabling it to command a dedicated following among fashion-conscious Nepali citizens.

II. Brocade Official

In the colorful world of Nepal’s fashion industry, Brocade Official has claimed its place as a top clothing brand that beautifully expresses Nepali traditions and modernity through its designs. Whether it’s the vibrant ethnic wear that captivates everyone’s heart or the contemporary fusion wear, this brand got you covered.

Brocade Official Brand Overview

Brocade Official is known for its unique and diverse collection that merges Nepalese traditional styles with modern fashion trends. It is a significant player in the Nepalese fashion industry and has achieved popularity due to its ability to cater to the fashion needs of a diverse customer base, including women, men, and children.

Key Highlights of Brocade Official:

  • Diverse Collection: Brocade Official houses a varied range of outfits from traditional ethnic wear to modern fusion wear, allowing customers to have a broad selection of styles.
  • Quality Fabric: The brand is known for using high-quality fabrics that ensure comfort and longevity of the outfits.
  • Design Aesthetics: Their designs take inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of Nepal, fused with modern aesthetics.
  • Affordable Luxury: With its philosophy of offering high fashion at affordable prices, Brocade Official caters to the mass market without compromising quality or design.


Brocade Official Ethnic Wear Collection

Brocade Official’s ethnic wear collection is a testament to the brand’s strong commitment to preserving and promoting Nepali cultural heritage. It features vibrant colors, unique designs, intricate detailing, and a touch of modern interpretation, making each piece truly special and appealing. The ethnic wear collection includes everything from the classic Kurta Suruwal and Sarees to contemporary fusion dresses, thus making it ideal for every occasion.

  • Kurta Suruwal: A perfect blend of tradition and modernity, these beautifully designed Kurta Suruwal sets come in various colors, prints, and fabrics.
  • Sarees: Brocade Official showcases sarees designed with an array of fabrics, and designs ensuring that there is something for everyone.
  • Fusion Dresses: The brand’s fusion dresses are extremely popular amongst the younger generation, offering a mix of traditional Nepali attire and contemporary design.

Brocade Official Price Range

The prices at Brocade Official are quite affordable considering the quality and design they offer. Here’s a rough overview of the price range:

  • Kurta Suruwal: Starts from NRs 2,000
  • Sarees: Ranging from NRs 5,000 to NRs 10,000 depending upon the fabric and design
  • Fusion dresses: Start at NRs 3,500 and go up depending on the intricacy of the design and materials used.

No matter your budget is, a piece from Brocade Official is sure to make a statement and accentuate your style.

III. Kasa Studio

One doesn’t need to travel far to find remarkable fashion design. Nestled in the heart of Kathmandu, Kasa Studio is paving the way for contemporary fashion in Nepal.

Kasa Studio Brand Overview

Brimming with an attractive array of fashion-forward offerings, Kasa Studio represents an impeccable blend of traditional Nepalese craftsmanship and contemporary design aesthetics. Established by fashion designer Nilima Maden Limbu, the brand weaves together a vibrant tapestry of Nepalese culture, modern style, and sustainability. Each piece created by Kasa Studio tells a compelling story, offering an authentic representation of Nepalese color, texture, fabric, and embroidery.

Creating a strikingly unique fashion line, Kasa Studio revolves around a philosophy of less is more. This principle is reflected in their thoughtfully designed pieces, which boast a minimalistic and clean approach to fashion, facilitating timeless elegance and grace. The brand takes a sustainable approach, prominently featuring environmentally friendly materials and recycling in their production process.

Kasa Studio Contemporary Fashion Collection

Kasa Studio’s contemporary fashion collection brims with a diverse selection of apparel that ranges from casual to formal wear. Here are some of their standout pieces:

• Minimalistic Tunic Dresses: Their tunic dresses, renowned for their simplicity, elegance, and comfort, often feature neutral tones and loose-fitting cuts.

• Tailored Coats and Blazers: Kasa Studio offers a unique assortment of coats and blazers, perfect for formal occasions or a statement piece.

• Sarees and Kurta Sets: Drawing heavily from local tradition, their sarees and kurta sets feature complex embroidery and vibrant color palettes.

• Printed Shirts: Printed with unique patterns and designs, their shirts offer a casual yet chic look perfect for various occasions.

Kasa Studio Price Range

Although a high-end designer brand, Kasa Studio prides itself on offering reasonable prices considering the quality and craftsmanship involved. Typically, their prices range from NPR 2000 for a basic cotton top, up to around NPR 25,000 for a lavish saree. However, prices can vary depending on the complexity of the design, fabric, and the amount of handwork involved. Kasa Studio firmly believes in providing value for money and aims to make designer wear more accessible to the aspirational Nepalese fashion audience.

To sum up, Kasa Studio is worth checking out if you are passionate about contemporary fashion that echoes a rich cultural heritage. From their intricate designs to their sustainable approach, Kasa Studio is worth every penny!

IV. Defy

Part of the thrill in discovering a new country is the exploration of their local fashion and sartorial expressions. When it comes to Nepal, a standout brand in the fashion scene is Defy. Established in recent years, Defy is a local Nepalese clothing brand that has significantly influenced the local fashion industry.

Defy Brand Overview

Founded in 2015, Defy has been able to offer quality apparel at an affordable price. It has paved the way for the promotion of “Made in Nepal” products and is foremost in bringing the trend of wearing local brands among the Nepalese.

Focusing on a minimalist approach, Defy’s design includes lifestyle basics with a modern and chic appeal. They are well-known for their exclusive designs and the longevity of their clothes. The young entrepreneurs behind Defy are keen on creating a platform for the Nepalese youth to express themselves, and it has indeed become a popular choice for youngsters who are fashion conscious and love to make style statements.

Defy Casual Wear Collection

Defy brings a versatile range of casual wear, from printed tees and sweatshirts to jeans and shirts. Here’s what to expect from their casual wear collection:

• T-Shirts: Defy offers a variety of T-Shirts from plain basics to quirky prints. An additional plus point is the use of fabric that is cozy, lightweight, and comfortable.

• Sweatshirts: For slightly colder weather or trending street style fashion statement, Defy provides a range of sweatshirts with innovative graphics or stylish minimalism.

• Jeans: Defy’s jeans collection is sure to offer impressive denim quality with a great fit. It ranges from skinny, slim, straight to regular fit jeans.

Defy Price Range

When it comes to pricing, Defy ensures the best value for the cost without compromising on the product quality. The T-Shirts typically range from NPR 599 to 999 ($5 to $9). Sweatshirts and hoodies prices range from NPR 1499 to 2499 ($13 to $21), while jeans and trousers typically fall within the range of NPR 1699 to 3599 (($15 to $30).

By keeping their pricing competitive, Defy caters to the large demography of young, price-conscious consumers in Nepal, making the brand both trendy and affordable.

For all those interested to check out more, visit the brand’s online site or stores across Nepal and experience the uniqueness of the Nepalese fashion industry first-hand.

In conclusion, Defy promises the Nepalese consumers classy, trendy, and cost-effective clothing options. Supporting local brands like Defy not only boosts the economy but also the morale of the numerous artists, designers, and laborers whose craft goes into making clothes. Fashion enthusiasts are sure to find the allure in what Defy brings to Nepal’s fashion table.

V. Lakhey Nepal

Lakhey Nepal is rising as an authentic brand for traditionally inspired clothing with a modern touch in Nepal, especially attractive to youths who want to carry their culture and tradition along with fashion.

Lakhey Nepal Brand Overview

Lakhey Nepal is a unique clothing brand loved by many fashion enthusiasts for its commitment to preserving Nepal’s rich cultural heritage. Its focus on quality, elegance, and style sets it apart from other clothing brands in Nepal.

The brand takes inspiration from the local traditions and lifestyle of Nepal, offering a trendy take on traditional dresses and suits. With its clothing line, Lakhey Nepal is not only attracting local consumers but also engaging international clients who are charmed by the essence of Nepalese culture.

Lakhey Nepal pays attention to every small detail of its products, ensuring each piece is unique and of high quality. The main ingredients of this brand’s popularity are its unique design concepts, quality fabrics, and community engagement.

Lakhey Nepal Fashion Collection

Lakhey Nepal offers a comprehensive range of fashion items, including:

• Traditional attire: Lakhey Nepal takes pride in reviving the traditional costumes of Nepal, from ethnic dresses to topis(hats).

• T-shirts and Hoodies: Its T-shirts and hoodies, adorned with designs boasting Nepalese culture and symbols, are staples among the youth.

• Accessories: The brand also sells accessories like bags and hats that perfectly complement their clothing items.

• Custom designs: One unique feature of Lakhey Nepal is its ability to create custom designs. This level of personalization strengthens the bond between the brand and customers.

Lakhey Nepal Price Range

The fashion line of Lakhey Nepal is fairly priced considering the quality, material, uniqueness, and craftsmanship. To provide an overview:

Clothing & Accessories Price (in NPR)
T-Shirts 1000 – 1700
Hoodies 2000 – 4000
Traditional Attire 2000 – 10000
Accessories (Bags & Hats) 500 – 1500

Note: The prices may vary based on the details and design of the clothing items.

Lakhey Nepal, with its unique blend of traditional designs and contemporary fashion trends, is showcasing the beauty of the Nepalese culture to the world while setting new trends in the fashion industry. It is indeed a brand worth exploring in 2023. Explore its amazing collection online or in-store.

VI. Conclusion

After exploring the trendiest and most recommended clothing brands in Nepal, we can easily conclude that fashion in Nepal has been constantly evolving. It is also heartening to see that these brands, including international ones, are gradually going conscious about fashion sustainability and indigenous products.

Key Points to remember when shopping for clothing brands in Nepal

Whether you’re planning your first shopping spree in Nepal or are a seasoned shopper, here are some key points to keep you on track:

1. Understand Your Style: Each brand caters to a different style. Some may follow a traditional Nepalese approach while others may offer modern, western influence. Make sure to identify what style you’re looking for before heading into stores.

2. Budget: Price can vary greatly from one brand to another. It’s important to determine your budget before shopping. There are a wide range of options available in Nepal, from affordable pieces to high-end, luxury clothing.

3. Quality: The clothing quality can reflect in its price; yet, expensive doesn’t always mean better. Research the brands, look for reviews online, and consult locals for their opinions. Always inspect each item before buying, paying close attention to the fabric and stitching.

4. Sustainable Fashion: More and more brands are emphasizing sustainability in their products. Look out for brands that support local artisans, use organic or recycled materials, and follow ethical procedures in producing their clothes.

5. Try Before You Buy: Sizes can vary between brands. Also, the fit and cut might look different in person than how it appears on the model. Trying it on before buying can save you from disappointment later.

6. Be Open-Minded: Discover new styles and be open to trying different types of clothes. Nepal’s fashion scene is vibrant and dynamic. Welcome their culture and craft into your wardrobe.

In conclusion, Nepal is home to a variety of clothing brands that cater to different styles, tastes, and budgets. Enjoy the blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern fashion, walk through local markets, and plunge into the world of Nepalese fashion. Most of all, remember to be a responsible shopper and contribute to the local economy.

Consider these points when seeking out best coupon in Nepal on Nepalese clothing brands, each item will become a memorable piece, a souvenir from a beautiful country, rich in culture and tradition. Happy shopping!