Bajaj Pulsar Bikes Price in Nepal

AdminAug 18, 2023

Introduction to Pulsar Bikes in Nepal

Pulsar Bikes, a brand owned by India’s prominent automobile manufacturer Bajaj Auto, has long held its ground as a renowned name in the global motorbike market. Over the years, these bikes have enjoyed significant popularity not only in India but also in the international markets. One such nation where Pulsar Bikes have dominated the two-wheelers space is Nepal.

Overview of Pulsar Bikes

Bajaj’s Pulsar series offers a variety of motorbikes catering to different segments of customers. The Pulsar bike range spans from the highly economical 125cc model to the powerful 220F, each offering unique features to serve the myriad needs of riders. Owing to their superior engine quality, robust durability, and stylish designs, Pulsar Bikes have long been admired by bike enthusiasts across the globe.

Combining some key features like disc brakes, tubeless tyres, and digital consoles with fuel efficiency, this flagship product of Bajaj Auto has revolutionized the motorcycle segment. Its models like Pulsar 150 and Pulsar 220F are designed especially to deliver high performance while ensuring that riding comfort is not compromised.

Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie seeking speed and thrill or just a regular rider looking for a reliable companion for everyday commute, there’s a Pulsar bike that checks all your boxes.

Popularity and demand in Nepal

In Nepal, Pulsar Bikes have carved out a considerable market share heavily thanks to their performance efficiency and cost-effectiveness. In fact, these bikes have become somewhat of a fan favorite among Nepal’s youth segment who are attracted by their s  leek designs and impressive features.

Additionally, Nepal’s challenging terrains demand sturdy two-wheelers that can withstand rough conditions while maintaining economical fuel consumption – an expectation Pulsar motorbikes fulfill effortlessly.

Looking at the demand side, finding a brand new or used Pulsar bike in Nepal is seldom challenging. Their popularity ensures plenty of options for potential buyers in terms of models and price ranges. Speaking of price, Pulsar bikes offer incredible value-for-money given their high durability and comparatively lower servicing costs. All these factors together put forth an attractive package that makes Pulsar one of the best motorcycle brands available in Nepal today.

As per recent pricing trends, the cost of Pulsar bikes in Nepal range from NPR 2 Lakh for the entry-level models while higher-engine capacity models take it up to NPR 5 Lakh depending on various factors.

Pulsar 150 Price in Nepal

Renowned for its agility and power, the Pulsar 150 has earned its spot as one of the most popular motorcycles in Nepal. This popularity is fostered by its striking balance between cost and performance, appealing to young riders seeking a robust and energetic set of wheels.

Pulsar 150 Features and Specifications

The Pulsar 150, launched by Bajaj Auto, has proven to be a game-changer in Nepal’s motorcycle industry. Backed by a four-stroke, DTS-i engine which can generate a maximum power of 14PS at 8000RPM, it guarantees an impressive performance for both urban rides and long journeys.

Moreover, the sporty design of Pulsar 150 provides it with a dynamic and contemporary appeal. It features a sleek headlamp, stylish fuel tank, and twin LED tail lamp that complements its overall design. Additionally, the motorcycle incorporates advanced features such as Anti Skid Braking System (ABS) and digital speedometer, further enhancing the riding experience.

Price Range and Variations in Nepal

Over time, Bajaj Auto has introduced various models of Pulsar 150 with slight variations in specifications to meet different customer needs. Currently available models include Pulsar 150 Standard, Pulsar 150 Twin Disc, Pulsar 150 Neon and Pulsar 150 UG4.5.

Pricing remains one of the most considered factors when purchasing a motorbike in Nepal. In terms of cost-efficiency, it’s challenging to match the value offered by the Pulsar 150. The price greatly depends on the specific model selected and other nuanced elements like color choice and dealership location. As per recent market figures, prices for Bajaj Pulsar 150 models range from NPR 293,000 to NPR 311,000.

In conclusion, with its power-packed features and affordability, the Bajaj Pulsar 150 remains a compelling choice for bikers in Nepal. Its robust design coupled with sturdy performance makes it an attractive investment for bike enthusiasts across the country.

Pulsar NS 200 Price in Nepal

In the Nepali market, the Pulsar NS 200 is a highly sought-after motorcycle, widely recognized for its distinctive features and exceptional performance. It comes with an ex-showroom price tag of Rs. 3,40,900 – Rs. 4,24,900. However, the Pulsar NS 200’s cost can vary depending on dealership location, custom features, and other applicable fees.

Pulsar NS 200 Features and Specifications

The Pulsar NS 200 is not just a two-wheeler but a symbol of power and speed, packed with numerous robust features that attest to its fame.

Under the hood, it sports a four-stroke SOHC 4 valve engine that churns out a maximum power of 24.5 PS and a peak torque of 18.6 Nm. It couples this excellent performance with a six-speed transmission that provides efficient fuel consumption and majestic power delivery.

The motorcycle comes with liquid cooling and three spark plug technology which ensure better combustion and improved efficiency. In terms of safety, it boasts twin-disc brakes for firm braking power while its high-ground clearance helps riders tackle various road conditions with ease.

Price range and variations in Nepal

Pulsar offers different motorcycle models in Nepal to cater to diverse buyer needs and preferences. Each model comes with a unique blend of features at varying price points.

The NS series, which includes the Pulsar NS 200, is among the pricier motorcycle series due to the advanced technical attributes they offer. The NS series price ranges from NPR 384,900 for the ABS models to NPR 424,900 for the Dual ABS models.


ABS Rs. 3,84,900
BS6 – FI ABS Rs. 4,13,900
Non-ABS Rs. 3,40,900
FI-ABS Rs. 4,01,900
BS6 – Dual ABS Rs. 4,24,900


Regardless of your budget or specific mobility needs, Pulsar offers an extensive line-up of motorcycles designed to guarantee your satisfaction by combining superior performance with affordable pricing options. Investing in a Pulsar NS 200 in Nepal ensures you get the best value for your money. The premium features and advanced technologies are well worth every penny invested in this motorbike.

Pulsar RS 200 Price in Nepal

For bike enthusiasts navigating the roads of Nepal, Bajaj’s Pulsar series needs no introduction. The series, which includes the widely popular Pulsar RS 200 variant, has made a significant contribution to transforming the motorcycle market in Nepal.Pulsar RS200 Price in Nepal is Rs 399,900 .

Pulsar RS 200 Features and Specifications

One among Bajaj’s assembly of precision-engineered motorcycles, the Pulsar RS 200, does not disappoint. Equipped with a whopping 199.5cc engine that delivers 24.5 horsepower at 9750 RPM, this powerhouse assures impressive performance. Further, it hosts groundbreaking technology like liquid-cooling and fuel-injection system which bring top-notch efficiency and power output.

Pulsar’s inclusion of twin projector headlights and crystal LED tail lamps upholds aesthetic value while guaranteeing safer travels during low-light conditions. Its sculpted design and aggressive styling stand as testament to its sports-inspired lineage.

Price range and variations in Nepal

Despite models worldwide being available in multiple color variants and optional extras like ABS technology, the Pulsar RS 200 in Nepal comes with one standard model. Providing a fantastic combination of sophistication and powerful performance, this motorcycle is priced competitively.

Given Nepal’s challenging terrain features and road conditions, Bajaj Nepal’s thoughtful design decisions extend beyond just road performance. They aim to offer riders an amalgamation of top-tier speed capabilities and robust construction—essential factors that potential bike customers look for.

Neighboring countries’ pricing strategies significantly influence the Pulsar RS 200 price in Nepal due to competition and import/export dynamics. To safeguard its strong market positioning, Bajaj Nepal continuously reevaluates its pricing policies.

Nevertheless, it is essential to note that the Pulsar RS 200 price is subject to change considering various factors such as the tax regime, import/export policies, inflation rates amid others.

The Pulsar RS 200’s introduction fortified Bajaj’s hold on Nepal’s two-wheeler market. Encompassing a motorcycle that is well-built, high-performing, yet affordably priced goes a long way in maintaining this stronghold amidst fierce competition.

Even though the exact pricing can fluctuate based on prevailing economic conditions and other contributing factors, the Pulsar RS 200 continues to offer fantastic value for money with its cutting-edge features and exceptional performance.

Pulsar 220F Price in Nepal

Acquiring a motorcycle means more than just purchasing any two-wheeled machine. It’s about bringing home a beast that fits your personality, and in Nepal, several motorbike connoisseurs find their ideal match in the Pulsar 220F. Known for its aggressive design paired with an efficient engine, this bike has become one of the sought-after machines for riders of all kinds.

Pulsar 220F Features and Specifications

The Pulsar 220F brings together strength and style. Powered by a 220cc engine boasting a maximum power output of 20.93 PS at 8500rpm, it delivers an aggressive performance that commands respect on the road. With unique features like its projector headlamp, semi-double-cradle frame type, and sleek black alloy wheels, it is no wonder many consider the Pulsar 220F an optimal combination of raw power and versatility.

The bike’s fuel injection system ensures more efficient fuel delivery resulting in improved power delivery and reduced emissions. Add to that a five-speed transmission, front telescopic with anti-friction bush suspension system, and ABS; it takes little to understand why this motorcycle is revered by many in Nepal.

Price range and variations in Nepal

Given its exceptional features and uncompromising performance, one might expect the Pulsar 220F to be quite pricey. However, one would be pleasantly amazed at its quite affordable price range considering its quality. Of course, there may be slight variations in prices throughout Nepal as rates can fluctuate based on numerous factors like importing costs, dealership margins, transportation fees, or additional local taxes.

Moreover, Bajaj has released different versions of the Pulsar over the years suitable for varying budgets and preferences. This ensures that there will be an option available for every type of rider.

Bringing home a Pulsar 220F isn’t merely about owning a powerful two-wheeler; it is about possessing a potent symbol of accomplishment and personal identity. It’s about revving up each day with a roar that stands out distinctively amidst the typical noise. Despite the cost considerations in Nepal or anywhere else, any dedicated rider would attest that owning such a beast is always an investment worth making.

Pulsar NS 160 Price in Nepal

When one thinks of the epitome of bikes rendering a balanced blend of power and economy in Nepal, Pulsar NS 160 inevitably comes to the mind. The motorcycle brand is esteemed for its engaging riding experience accompanied by robust performance and fuel efficiency. Pulsar NS 160 price in Nepal, therefore, has consistently garnered immense interest amongst motorbike enthusiasts.Bajaj Pulsar NS 160 BS6 price in Nepal is Rs. 3.84 Lakhs.

Pulsar NS 160 Features and Specifications

Bestowed with an array of awe-inspiring features, the Pulsar NS 160 stands tall amongst its peers. The motorbike’s heart is a 4 – stroke, SOHC 4-Valve, Oil Cooled DTS-i Fi Engine which can churn out maximum power of about 17.03 BHP and torque of up to 14.6 Nm. Its sleek design coupled with an up-right riding position ensures premium comfort for riders on busy streets or long journeys.

The motorbike is aggrandized with a refined braking system consisting of disc brakes at both ends, ensuring superior control in adverse conditions. Striking graphics complemented by an aggressive street fighter stance and signature twin LED tail lamps add to its style quotient.

Price range and variations in Nepal

Pricing plays a vital role in your decision about whether to acquire this beast or not. In Nepal, the cost of a standard Pulsar NS 160 is hovering around NPR 289,900. Nevertheless, it’s always prudent to verify from authorized dealerships because the price can fluctuate based on various factors including government charges or periodic discounts.

Variations of the Pulsar NS 160 available include many color options like Sapphire Blue, Fossil Grey and Passion Red for discerning riders to choose according to personal taste and preference.

In conclusion, Pulsar NS 160 with its fantastic blend of aesthetic appeal and performance capabilities has been successful in carving a niche for itself among bike aficionados in Nepal. The pricing further enhances its value proposition making it an excellent choice for buyers seeking a performance motorcycle that does not compromise on fuel economy or comfort.

With a unique combination of robust looks, high-performance engine technology and user-friendly pricing, Pulsar NS 160 continues to rule the roads of Nepal. It’s not just a bike; it’s a symbol of style and power!

Remember that prices may vary slightly due to changes in exchange rates or other local market factors. For the most accurate pricing information, please consult authorized dealers near your location.

Exploring Pulsar Price in Nepal

In the Nepalese market, few motorbike brands have garnered as much popularity as Pulsar. Renowned for its innovative design and exceptional performance, Pulsar has become synonymous with quality and affordability. The price of a Pulsar bike in Nepal tends to correlate with the specific model, its features, and other associated factors within the motorbike industry.

Comparison of Pulsar bike models and their prices in Nepal

Understanding the various models of Pulsar bikes and their pricing range can help potential buyers to make an informed decision. Let’s delve into a few models.

Pulsar 150: Known as one of the most sold bikes in Nepal, the Pulsar 150 blends together comfort, power, and affordability. The price sits just below NPR 293,000, providing a great opportunity for riders who demand performance without breaking their banks.

Pulsar NS200: Equipped with a potent 200cc engine that delivers both power and fuel efficiency, the NS200 is available for about NPR 384,900. For those who crave speed and style, it is an excellent choice.

Pulsar RS200: As one of the higher-end models, the RS200 boasts extra features like ABS brakes and highly aggressive design accents. You can expect to pay about NPR 399,900 for this model.

Each model caters to different budget ranges and offers unique facets that justify its cost. Savvy buyers often weigh these factors against their specific needs before making a purchase.


The key takeaway here is that Pulsar offers an array of options for bike enthusiasts in Nepal. From affordable entry-level options like the Pulsar 150 to high-performing models like the RS200, there is something for everyone within this versatile lineup.

Keep in mind, these prices are off-the-lot rates. Surrounding factors such as insurance costs, necessary accessories, or annual taxes may affect the total cost of ownership over time. Hence prospective buyers should weigh all financial factors before locking onto a specific model.

The rising popularity of Pulsar remains uncontested in Nepal. As such, it continues to grow in numbers on streets across Nepal, reflecting its impactful presence and customer satisfaction level within the country’s motorcycle industry.