5 Best Gadgets and Electronics Online Store in Nepal

AdminJul 15, 2023

In Nepal, the trend of online shopping is on the rise, and technology enthusiasts have been no exception to this. Numerous online gadget & electronics stores have popped up to cater to the digital needs of Nepali consumers. Navigating through Nepal’s e-commerce scenario has always been a tricky but adventurous journey, especially when it comes to finding trusted online stores for gadgets and electronics. Here are five of the best gadget and electronics online stores in the country.

I. Oliz Store

Oliz Store: is one of the leading online gadget and electronics stores in Nepal. It has gained popularity for being the official reseller of Apple products in the country. However, the store’s product range isn’t limited to Apple products alone.

Oliz Store Overview

Why choose Oliz Store?: Not only does this store provide genuine Apple products, but it also offers a range of premium tech brands including Beats, DJI, and Fitbit. From the latest iPhones to MacBook laptops, from drones to premium headphones, Oliz store has managed to capture the imagination of tech-savvy customers with its wide array of products.

Oliz Store Products and Categories

At the Oliz Store, customers can find a broad spectrum of products in various categories. It includes:

  • Apple Products:  iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, Apple Watches, and Apple accessories.
  • Audio: From premium headphones to portable speakers.
  • Mobiles & Tablets:  Apart from Apple products, it also offers mobiles from leading brands such as Samsung, Huawei.
  • Drones & Cameras:  Shop for DJI drones, GoPro cameras and numerous accessories.
  • IT & Peripherals:  Computer accessories, printers, software, and more.

The Oliz Store is popular for its seamless online shopping experience, fast delivery, and reliable customer service.

Here’s a quick overview of what the Oliz Store offers:

Category Products
Apple Products iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, Apple Watches
Audio Headphones, portable speakers
Mobiles & Tablets Samsung, Huawei phones, tablets
Drones & Cameras DJI drones, GoPro cameras
IT & Peripherals Computer accessories, printers, software

For those in Nepal looking for a dependable online store to purchase premium tech products, the Oliz Store could be a great choice. The store’s commitment to providing genuine products, coupled with excellent customer service, makes it one of the best online gadget and electronics stores in the country.

II. ITTI Computer World

If you’re a gadget enthusiast, the hunt is always on for stores that offer a wide range of electronic appliances from trusted brands. One such platform that has been an integral choice for the tech-savvy population of Nepal is ITTI Computer World. Let’s dive deep into understanding what this store has to offer and what makes it one of the best go-to places for buying gadgets and electronics in Nepal.

ITTI Computer World Overview

Founded on the core values of providing the latest and the best quality products at reasonable prices, ITTI Computer World has steadily grown to be one of the top gadgets and electronics online stores in Nepal. ITTI prides itself on offering an extensive range of products encompassing numerous categories like gaming laptops and consoles, office automation products, networking solutions, and many more. Their primary focus on customer service, customer satisfaction, and easy purchase processes are what sets them apart from their competitors.

ITTI’s website is user-friendly and intuitive, making online shopping a breeze. The store has a comprehensive catalogue that includes the latest and most popular devices from top brands like Apple, Samsung, Dell, HP, Asus, and many more. The detailed product listings with relevant specifications and customer reviews can be very helpful while making a buying decision.

ITTI Computer World Deals and Discounts

Everyone loves a good deal, and this is where ITTI shines! ITTI Computer World ensures that their customers always get the most value for their money. Believing in the motto of “customer delight”, they frequently provide generous discounts and deals on various products.

Here are a few points that are worth noting about ITTI’s deals and discounts:

  • Flash Sales: Flash sales are common on ITTI, offering top-selling products at dramatically reduced prices.
  • Seasonal Sales: ITTI hosts sales during different festive seasons such as Dashain, Tihar, and New Year, providing an excellent opportunity for big savings.
  • Discount Coupons: ITTI periodically offers exclusive discount coupons to their registered members.

Protip: To never miss out on any deal or discount, sign up for their newsletter or follow them on their social media channels.

In conclusion, when it comes to buying electronics and gadgets, ITTI Computer World is undoubtedly one of the best online stores in Nepal. It offers variety, quality, reliable products, excellent customer service, and above all, great value for money through regular offers and discounts on its products.

III. Big Digital

In Nepal, online shopping has become a rage among the tech-savvy generation. Due to the extensive variety of products, competitive prices, and convenience, online platforms for electronics and gadgets are gaining popularity. One of these fantastic platforms is Big Digital.

Big Digital Online Store Overview

Founded with the vision to make technology accessible for everyone, Big Digital is an online store that stands out in the crowded market. They’ve leveraged their platform to showcase an array of electronics from the most trustworthy brands around the globe. Additionally, to ensure a seamless shopping experience for their customers, they focus exclusively on providing top-of-the-line electronics at extremely competitive prices.


Big Digital Electronics Marketplace

Big Digital offers a wide variety of electronics and gadgets in different categories. These include:

  • Mobiles & Tablets: The online store offers a wide range of branded smartphones and tablets, including Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO, and more.
  • Laptops & Computers: You can find both desktop computers and laptops from leading brands like Dell, Acer, Apple, and Lenovo in their catalog.
  • Cameras: From digital cameras to DSLRs, Big Digital has a robust selection for both amateurs and professionals.
  • Home Appliances: In addition to gadgets, they also offer an assortment of home appliances, including TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, and more.
  • Accessories: Big Digital also retails various tech accessories, such as headphones, external hard drives, flash drives, and more.

Their comprehensive curated catalog of products coupled with their exceptional customer service makes Big Digital a go-to online shopping destination for tech enthusiasts in Nepal.

One other appealing aspect that makes Big Digital stand out is their delivery and payment procedures. They provide free delivery within Kathmandu Valley and enable multiple payment methods including Cash on Delivery (COD), eSewa, and online banking transfers.

In conclusion, whether you’re looking for the latest smartphone, a high-performance laptop, or a new home appliance, Big Digital provides a well-rounded shopping experience that caters to all your electronic needs. It certainly deserves to be on the list of the best gadgets & electronics online stores in Nepal.

Remember, before making your next electronics purchase, give Big Digital a visit and experience the convenience of online shopping firsthand.

IV. Nagmani International

Nagmani International Overview

Nagmani International has garnered an excellent reputation as one of the best online stores for gadgets and electronics in Nepal. Known for its reliable delivery service and vast selection of top brands, with a user-friendly online platform, Nagmani International has truly etched its place in the online shopping world of Nepal.

The store’s product offerings include a diverse range of electronics and gadgets from international brands like Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, and more. They have laptops, computer parts and peripherals, gaming consoles, and mobile accessories, among many others.

Why choose Nagmani International?

  • Wide Range of Products: Nagmani International offers a vast range of products, from office electronics to the trending gadgets in the market.
  • Variety of Brands: The online store partners with renowned international brands, providing a wide selection for customers.
  • Excellent Customer Service: The store has a reliable customer service team that caters to any issues or queries quickly and efficiently.
  • Secure Shopping Experience: The online platform is secure and user-friendly, ensuring a pleasant shopping experience.

All in all, Nagmani International encapsulates what an ideal online store for gadgets and electronics should be: reliable, diverse, user-centric, and secure.

V. Hukut Store

Hukut Store Overview

For the tech-savvy customer, Hukut Store is a popular online destination offering an exciting array of gadgets and electronic items. With its enticing online platform, Hukut Store stands out by providing a smooth, interactive shopping experience.

Their catalogue entails the latest gadgets, including headphones, speakers, fitness bands, smartwatches, gaming accessories, mobiles, and more. Ranging from budget-friendly devices to luxury brands, Hukut Store caters to every customer’s unique preferences and budgets.

Why choose Hukut Store?

  • Latest Gadgets: Hukut Store thrives on the wave of technological advancement, always updating its catalog with the market’s newest tech gear.
  • Diverse Pricing: The store’s selection covers a vast price range, making it possible for customers with varying budgets to find what they need.
  • Interactive Shopping Experience: The online platform is designed with customers in mind, resulting in a smooth and skillfully arranged shopping experience.
  • Responsive Customer Support: They take customer satisfaction seriously by providing a responsive and helpful customer support team.

Remember to do enough research when looking to buy tech gadgets online. Consider the varied customer experiences from reviews, and always prioritize your needs concerning technical specifications, brands, and budget. Stay smart and enjoy your online shopping experience in Nepal.