20% Cashback Bonanza for Shopping on Dashain: Garima Bikas Bank Latest Offers

AdminOct 18, 2023

Garima Bikas Bank debit and credit card holders can receive a cashback of 20 percent.Garima Bikas Bank Limited has introduced a program in which customers can receive a cashback of 20% or a maximum of Rs.200.

In this plan, customers who use the bank’s debit and credit cards can receive a cashback in Nepal of up to a certain amount of money. The duration of this program, which aims to support and boost digital payments, is from October 28, 2080, to October 7, 2080.

Furthermore, Garima Bikas Bank has implemented a credit card installment option to enhance the shopping experience for its clientele.

At present, Garima Bikas Bank is offering convenient, safe, and high-quality services through a network of 122 branch offices, 50 ATMs, and various digital banking platforms throughout the nation.